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Taking blood pressue
Doctor Checking a Form
Blood Test
X-Ray Results
Checking Blood Pressure
Workplace Injuries

We specialize in occupational medicine. But that's not all we do!

Services and Treatments

The clinic offers a variety of services and exams, such as physicals, drug tests, DOT exams, respiratory mask fittings, and more.

Physical Therapy

State of the art physical therapy station located at the clinic's facility with care only by specialized Doctors of PT.

HOURS:  Mon-Fri:  Open 8am - 5:30pm  (closed Sat, Sun & Holidays)
Available 24/7:  For after-hour work injuries, call 714-630-6363

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Taking care of your health

Walk-In's Welcomed

Please feel free to walk in or schedule an appointment.

Number 1 Occupational Medical Clinic in the Area

We take pride in serving the industrial area of Anaheim for over 40 years.

Bi-lingual, Spanish Speaking Staff

We only offer the best care and support for you or your employees.

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